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Poland - Piosenka dla Europy 2009

Poland will participate in the the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, as confirmed by Polish broadcaster Telewizja Polska (TVP). TVP continued to use the Piosenka dla Europy contest to select the Polish representative for the 2009 contest in Moscow. The 2009 edition of the contest was held on 14 February, with the winner decided by jury and televoting. The winner was Lidia Kopania with "I Don't Wanna Leave", which will represent Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in May 2009.

Possible withdrawal

After coming 24th (second last) in the 2008 contest, talks within TVP suggested that Poland may withdraw from the 2009 contest. However, they indicated that their decision on withdrawal would be based on changes, if any, to the current voting system. TVP also suggested to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU}, the contest's organisers, that an international jury should be put into use in the next contest, such as the one used in the Eurovision Dance Contest. TVP's spokeswoman, Aneta Wrona, indicated that Poland's decision would not be affected by the then-ongoing war in South Ossetia. TVP's decision might also have been affected by Poland's win in the Eurovision Dance Contest 2008, and Poland being the possible host of the next edition.

After the EBU revealed a new voting system for the final of the 2009 contest, introducing a mixture of televoting and jury voting, TVP officially confirmed their participation in Moscow.

Piosenka dla Europy 2009

TVP confirmed that they will use the Piosenka dla Europy contest to select the Polish representative for the 2009 contest, which was planned to be held on 20 or 21 February. However, this date was changed by TVP to 14 February, purely for "commercial reasons". TVP made an open call for songs, and will select around seven songs to compete in the contest. They will be joined by up to five artists internally selected by TVP, bringing the total number of songs to a maximum of 11. The final line-up will be announced on 23 January.

The deadline of entries was set at 16 January to anyone wishing to enter, regardless of citezenship. However, TVP requires a minimum of one single or album to have been released per artists. Alternatively, artists must have competed in professional song contests or music festivals at a national level or have a working contract with a record label or a professional concert agency. 122 entries were received by TVP, 87 of which came from within Poland. The 12 finalists were named on 23 January. TVP later had to disqualify Katarzyna Skrzynecka's "Amazing", composed by Jud Friedman and Allan Rich, after it was revealed it had been performed in October 2007 on Taniec z Gwiazdami, the Polish verion of Dancing with the Stars. Mikromusic's "Kardamon i pieprz" was also later disqualified for the same reasons. The draw for the running order was held on 28 January.

The winner of Piosenka dla Europy 2009 was Lidia Kopania with "I Don't Wanna Leave". The song was the favourite in the televote, and came second in the jury vote. During the show, the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 winner Ruslana and last year's Polish entry Isis Gee performed.

3.8 million have been reported to have watched the 2009 Piosenka dla Europy, constituting a 28% audience share, being the most watched show that night.


01_Stachursky - "I nie mów nic"

02_Det Beatles - "Jacqueline"


03_Man Meadow - "Love Is Gonna Get You"


04_Dali - "Everyday"


05_IRA - "Dobry czas"


06_Artur Chamski - "Kilka słów"


07_Marco Bocchino & Ola Szwed - "All My Life"


08_Tigrita Project - "Mon chocolat"


09_Renton - "I'm Not Sure"


10_Lidia Kopania - "I Don't Wanna Leave"


After winning Piosenka dla Europy, Kopania visited some of the competing countries at Eurovision to promote her Eurovision entry. Kopania performed "I Don't Wanna Leave" during the Latvian national final on 28 February, as well as during the Ukrainian national final on 8 March. She has also been lined up to perform during the UK Eurovision Preview Party on 17 April in London, United Kingdom and the Eurovision Promo Concert in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on 18 April.

Slovakia 2009

Semifinale 1 (15. Februar) mms://stream.m1.livetv.sk/local/stv/2009/Eurovizia/2009-02-15_Eurovizia_01_Eurovision_Song__1234768559.wmv

1.Desmod - Ak ťa stratím

2.Robo Papp - Nádej máme

3.Andrea Zimányiová

4.Emsoft - Násilie

5.Robo Šimko - Môj anjel spí

6.Petra Kepeňová - Odkedy nie si

7.Peter Kotuľa - Cesty sú stratené

8.Hudba z Marsu - Na hubách

9.Alone - Nezistím

10.Bohéma - Hviezdy

Semifinale 2 (20. Februar) mms://stream.m1.livetv.sk/local/stv/2009/Eurovizia/2009-02-20_Eurovizia_01_Eurovision_Song__1235207450.wmv

1.Mária Čírová - Búrka

2.Tomáš Bezdeda - Každý z nás

3.Marek Kravjar - Geniálny cvok

4.Golden Storm - Daj mi len deň

5.Jakub Petraník - Nado mnou

6.Samo Tomeček - To čo chceš

7.Editor - Pod parou

8.Babenky a týpci

9.Mukatado - Ja sa mám

Semifinale 3 (22. Februar) mms://stream.m1.livetv.sk/local/stv/2009/Eurovizia/2009-02-23_Eurovizia_01_Eurovision_Song__1235461202.wmv

1.Komajota - 7 dní

2.Robo Opatovský - Prší

3.Katka Koščová - Pri sebe

4.Peter Bažík & Andrea Súlovská - Nebudem stáť

5.G-Strinx - Rytmus vášne

6.Roman Galvánek - Láska z papiera


8.Milan Lieskovský - Bliss

9.Dáša Šarkozyová - Krídla

10.ENS - Už je čas

Semifinale 4 (27. Februar) mms://stream.m1.livetv.sk/local/stv/2009/Eurovizia/2009-02-27_Eurovizia_01_Eurovision_Song__1235803098.wmv

1.Janais - Taram ta rej

2.Nocaden - Na čo asi myslíš

3.Martina Schindlerová - Krídla

4.Palo Drapák - Kričím na svätých

5.Barbora Balúchová a Red Rose - Nakoniec

6.Miro Jaroš - Miesto kam patríme

7.Zachariáš Hubáček - Bolo bolo

8.Funny Fellows - V mojej zime

9.Alena Kortis - Wanna Show You

10.Quasimondo - 16 barov

Semifinale 5 (1. März) mms://stream.m2.livetv.sk/local/stv/2009/Eurovizia/2009-03-01_Eurovizia_01_Eurovision_Song__1235977355.wmv

1.Peter Cmorík Band - Ty spíš

2.Viera Berkyová

3.Metalinda - Chcem pre teba žiť

4.Smola a hrušky - Na čom záleží

5.TH13TH - Všetko je inak

6.Michal Chrenko - Proti prúdom

7.PapaJam - Nemusíš sa báť

8.Brigita - V noci

9.Anawi - V predstavách

10.Dolores - Kto nám slabým odpustí

finale: mms://stream.m2.livetv.sk/local/stv/2009/Eurovizia/2009-03-08_Eurovizia_01_Eurovision_Song__1236595146.wmv

Norway - Melodi Grand Prix 2009

24.01.2009 - SEMIFINAL 1: mms://straumod.nrk.no/disk06/Melodi_Grand_Prix/2009-01-24/Delfinale_1___Kongsvinger_600_455729_20090124_195300.wmv
U Look Good - Surferosa
Men Men Men - Chicas del Coro
Party - Kesera
Two Of A Kind - Espen Hana
Sweeter Than A Kiss - Charite
Dikt Mae En Himmel - Thomas Brondbo
Tricky - Velvet

31.01.2009 - SEMIFINAL 2: mms://straumod.nrk.no/disk06/Melodi_Grand_Prix/2009-01-31/Delfinale_2___Bod__1000_455730_20090131_195300.wmv
Alt Har En Mening Nå - Wenche Myhre
Te stein - Publiners
Ride - Tine Wulff
Find My Girl - Alexander Stenerud
(Like You Did) Yesterday - Janni Santillan
Like An Angel - Julius Winger
Butterflies - Tone Damli Aaberge

07.02.2009 - SEMIFINAL 3: mms://straumod.nrk.no/disk06/Melodi_Grand_Prix/2009-02-07/Delfinale_3___Grenland_1000_455731_20090207_195300.wmv
LeftRight - Sichelle
Soul Train - Rebelettes
Seven Seconds - Ovi
Shuffle - Jane Helen
Do It Again - Foxy
Carrie - Sunny
Fairytale - Alexander Rybak

14.02.2009 - SECOND CHANCE
Sistesjansen del 1 - Ålesund
Sistesjansen del 2 - Ålesund

21.02.2009 - NATIONAL FINAL
Finale del 2 - Oslo Spektrum
Finale del 1 - Oslo Spektrum

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Hungary - Internal Selection


MTV confirmed in January 2009 that an internal selection will be held to select the Hungarian entry for the 2009 contest. An open call for songs was held until 2 February, with both the performer and song being selected internally.

On February 3rd, after receiving a total of 105 entries, MTV revealed that they had selected Márk Zentai to represent Hungary at the contest in Moscow, Russia, with the song "If You Wanna Party". However, shortly after the announcement of the proposed Hungarian entry, it came to light that the song selected had been released in 2004 under the title "We Became Friends", which acted as the Swedish Big Brother theme song. Zentai withdrew his song from the selection shortly after this news became apparent, and MTV set about finding a new entrant for the contest.

On February 4th, MTV announced that actress Kátya Tompos would replace Zentai as the Hungarian representative, competing with the song "Magányos csónak" (Lonely boat). However the Alliance of Hungarian Popular Music Composers and Songwriters protested that they did not feel as if the jury had long enough to make a correct decision on 3rd of February, and were dissatisfied with the internal selection instead of a national final where the public could vote for the winner. Other claims were made as well, such as that the songwriters have to be from his or her motherland and that the jury was not professional. MTV, however, stood by their decision of selecting the song internally, as well as revealing that the jury of television and music industry professionals chose the song all day long on 3 February, and that they were satisfied with the jury's decision.

On 10 February, Tompos announced her withdrawal from the contest, alleging she wanted to focus on her theatre career and that she had no time to prepare her participation in Eurovision properly, beause she takes part in 8 plays of 3 different theatres. The MTV jury had to convene once again to select another artist to represent Hungary at Eurovision. On 23 February, MTV held a press conference about this year's entrant. They mentioned that the jury chose three songs before the final decision was made to be sure one of them will not withdraw and completely meet the requirements. Then they announced the official entrant, which was Zoli Ádok with the song "Dance With Me".

Results of internal selection


(1st) Márk Zentai - "If You Wanna Party" (disqualified)


(2nd) Kátya Tompos - "Magányos csónak" (withdrawn)


(3rd) Zoli Ádok - "Dance With Me" (final entrant)


ESC 2009 - Zoli Ádok to represent Hungary


Eurovision 2009 Hungarian press conference (with English subtitles)

Finland - Eurovision Laulukilpailu 2009

january 9 - semi 1: http://mediak.yle.fi/kotimaa/areena/1/77/09/1770941_1037550.wmv
01_Kwan - "10 000 Light years"
02_Tiara - "Manala"
03_Tapani Kansa - "Rakkautta on, rauhaa ei"
04_Riikka - "Meren"
01_Kwan - "10 000 Light years"
03_Tapani Kansa - "Rakkautta on, rauhaa ei"

january 16 - semi 2: http://mediak.yle.fi/kotimaa/areena/1/78/56/1785665_1043259.wmv
01_Sani - "Doctor, Doctor"
02_Passionworks - "Surrender"
03_Remu - "Planeetta"
04_Waldos People - "Lose Control"

january 23 - semi 3: http://mediak.yle.fi/kotimaa/areena/1/80/02/1800270_1048659.wmv
01_Signmark feat. Osmo Ikonen - "Speakerbox"
02_Janita - "Martian"
03_Vink - "The Greatest Plan"
04_Jari Sillanpää - "Kirkas kipinä"

january 31 - finale: http://mediak.yle.fi/kotimaa/areena/1/81/87/1818772_1055806.wmv
Kwan - "10 000 Light years"
Tapani Kansa - "Rakkautta on, rauhaa ei"
Waldo's People
Jari Sillanpää

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Belarus - EuroFest 2009

semi-final (15th December): http://www.tvr.by/video/projects/eurovision/2009/semifinal.wmv

Alex Patlis Band - Who Said It?

SingeRin - Don't Think About It

Uncle Vanya - Our Belarussia

Petr Yelfimov - Eye, That Never Lie

Venera - Big Game

Litesound - Miracle

Anna Blagova and Yury Vashchuk - Behind

Gunesh - Fantastic Girl

Victoria Belova - Don't Give Up From Love

Cola and Lidya Zabolotskaya - Honk

Dominica - My Day

Wind In The Head - And-Or-And

Alexei Krechet - Joy And Freedom

The Champions - Shake It Europe

Dakota - Forgetting You

final: http://www.tvr.by/video/projects/eurovision/2009/final.wmv

Petr Elfimov - Eyes That Never Lie

Litesound featuring Dakota - Carry On

Gunesh - Fantastic Girl

Dominica - My Day

Wind In The Head - Shpatsyruem

Michelle (German singer) / Michelle (Sängerin)

Michelle is a singer from Germany. She was born in Villingen-Schwenningen on February 15 1972. Her real name is Tanja Shitawey. Her maiden namen is Tanja Hewer. She represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 with the song "To Live For Love. "To Live For Love" placed 8th from 23 participating countries with 66 points. She is one of the most popular singers of Germany during the last decade. After a break down on the stage on January 30iest 2007, she ended her career.

Michelle grew up in Blumberg/Germany with a sister and a brother. In the age of 10, she became a Foster child. In the age of 14, Michelle was lead singer of a local band. Through a friend who was working at a state broadcast company, she got the chance to perform on German tv in 1993. The popular German singer Kristina Bach recognized Michelle's talent. A little bit later, the music writer Jean Frankfurter wrote and produced a song for her. The tile was "And tonight I wanna dance". Michelle's first single became a great success. Michelle got the chance to perform at ZDF-Hitparade , one of Germanies most popular music shows. Here performance made her popular all over the country.

Am 27. Februar 1997 bewarb sich Michelle bei der Vorentscheidung zum Eurovision Song Contest 1997. Ihr Titel Im Auge des Orkans erreichte den 3. Platz.

2. März 2001 die deutsche Vorausscheidung zum Eurovision Song Contest mit Wer Liebe lebt gewonnen hatte, vertrat sie Deutschland am 12. Mai 2001 in Kopenhagen und belegte den 8. Platz.

Ukraine - National Final 2009

20 January
63 entries were submitted
1. Gil Emmanuel - You're my heart
2. Dima Cernikov - TBA
3. Nazar Savkom - Ti prosto sluhaji (Author - Nazar Savko)
4. Zorna Skirko - Blocao play Tikaji (Author - Mair Rncisin)
5. Majia Yancisin - Ti ne odin (Author - Majiya Yancisin)
6. Cirkel M. and Cajikivskiji A. - Tabu (Lyrics - Cirkel Maksim, Music - Bubliji Tetyina)
7. Tori Joy - TBA
8. Kristal Sayenne - Control kiss (Author - Trifonov Cergiji)
9. Ira Pojizon - You free me (Author - Pavlov Sepriji)
10. Natalya Maksimcuk - Ciganka vira (Lyrics - Anna Ledik, Music - Tetyana Yarova)
11. Andriana Pyabec - Be careful (Lyrics - Andriana, Music - Hristina Bazar)
12. Artem Yarosevic - TBA
13. Andriji Furdicko - Don't go (Author - Andriji Furdicko)
14. Andriji Zulin - Let's make friends (lyrics - Lyamcev Oleg, Music - Zulin Andriji
15. Romanoyuta Eduard - Silence (Lyrics - Lyamcev Oleg, Music - Zulin Andriji)
16. Eremenko Galina - Sly lover (Lyrics - Kursanova Marina, Music - Krupnik Gennadiji)
17. Def 3 - Ya garmoniya
18. Svitlana Loboda - You are so sexy
19. Ana - You're like a paradise
20. Oleg Skripka ta gurt - BB
21. Bagleji Irina - Sexy mama (author - Bagira)
22. Godo - Olvidamos (author - Pierpalo Guerrini)
23. Group Volya - TBA
24. Nataliya Volkova - Gush (Author - Panenko Taras)
25. Sandrik Olga - Yak kalian rozicvitae (Author - Sandrik Olga)
26. Anna Sakre - In the silence of Eden (Lyrics - B. Mikola, Music - Melnicuk Igor)
27. 4 Kings - Tearin' up my heart (Lyrics - Rozina Ganna, Music - Polonskiji Roman)
28. Kishe - Midnight (lyrics - Matosenko E., music - Resetko T.)
29. Anastasiya Prihodko - TBA
30. Zaklopki - Time is up (author - Kabanec Sepriji)
31. Oleksandr Panajiotov - Superhero (Lyrics - S. Nataliya, Music - Demcuk Taras)
32. Anna-Mariya - TBA
33. Solomia - Not perfect (Kyiv) Author: Solomia
34. Petro Klimenko & D. region. - Ljubistok v yane (Author: Petro Klimenko )
35. Group Patrix - TBA
36. Lenara Osmanova - Flash (Kyiv) Lyrics: E. Mustafaeva / Music: Zera Kengigaeva
37. Irina Fedishin - Zakohalasya (Lviv) Author: Irina Fedishin
38. Sergey Samsonenko - Lyubov, yaku ti ne lyubila / Author: Serget Samsonenko
39. Bryanceva Tetyana - Sweet and sugar baby (Lyrics: I. Mironova, Music: Y Shogla)
40. Myata - Into the paradise - (Lyrics: Shramenko, Music: Babenko)
41. InnaOlinik - Not your babe - (Author Inna Olinik)
42. Group Goryachi Shokolad - Neba Malo
43. Group Hunting Ground - Big World
44. Group Nazad Shlyahu Nemae - Ptah Doshu
45. Group N.SH.N. - Molodist
46. Vesta Kameneva - My devotion (Authors: Kriv E. , Gonchareva Yu. , Kameneva B.)
47. Group Nikita - TBA
48. Vasiliy Bondarchuk - TBA
49. Group Hollywood - TBA
50. Group Ne Angeli - TBA
51. Group Aviator - TBA
52. Group Armiya - TBA
53 Group PO-MA-DA - TBA
54. Group - Inshiyi Denj - TBA
55. Denis Barkanov - TBA
56. Anita Gezo - TBA
57. Kozun Oksana - TBA
58. Vladislav Levicky - TBA
59. Viktoriya Vasilievich - TBA
60. Mark Savin - TBA
61. Yaroslav Simchishin - TBA
63. Manya - TBA

21 January - untelevised semi-final

22 January - untelevised semi-final

23 January - untelevised semi-final

1 February - untelevised semi-final
behind closed doors.

22 February 2009 - final

7 February - semi-finals (cancell)
(all the 10 finalists from this semi show was move into the semi show 8 febuary)

8 February - semi-finals

Anastasiya Pryhod'ko - Za Tebe Znov (semi performances)

it was reported that Anastasiya Prykhodko, one of the semi-finalists, and her manager claimed that both NTU and the jury members did not use trustworthy methods to choose the contestants for the final. It had been reported that the national final, to be held on 8 March, was temporarly suspended by a tribunal based in Kiev due to Prykhodko's protests. However, the national final will still go ahead on 8 March at the Ukraina Palace in Kiev,

Final - 8 March, 2009
01_Lenara - "Flash"
02_Goryachiy Shokolad - "Kiss"
03_Tetyana Bryantseva - "Sweet And Sugar Baby"
04_Denis Barkanov - "You Are My Love And Pain"
05_Zaklyopki - "Time Is Up"
06_Natalia Volkova - "Gush"
07_4 Kings - "Tearin Up My Heart"
08_ANA - "You're Like A Paradise"
09_Svetlana Loboda - "Be My Valentine"
10_GODO - "Zagadaymo Bazhannya"
11_Alexandr Panayotov - "Superhero"
12_Ira Poison - "You Free Me"
13_Kishe - "Midnight"
14_Tori Joy - "Smile"

2nd finale
Alexandr Panayotov - "Superhero"
Svetlana Loboda - "Be My Valentine"