søndag den 7. marts 2010

Do-It-Yourself, Mr. Bean

part 1

part 2

part 3

Act 1: Bean invites his two friends Rupert and Hubert for a New Year party, but bores them so much that when he goes to prepare a snack, Twiglets (which are actually twigs coated with Marmite) and sugared vinegar as a substitute for champagne, they turn his clock in the living room to midnight, sing Auld Lang Syne to celebrate the new year, and then leave, saying that they are tired. However, they merely go into the apartment across the hall, where a swinging New Year's party is taking place. Bean is in bed when the real New Year begins. His blood boils with anger when he finds out Rupert and Hubert have deceived him and attended a larger party next door. Hubert, however, forgets his hat in Mr Bean's apartment (see act four)

Act 2: Bean arrives at Arding and Hobbs department store to take full advantage of the January sales. Other people have queued overnight to get there first, however Bean manages to jump the queue and annoy everyone in the process by exposing the figure in the sleeping bag at the head of the queue as a fake he placed there the night before. He then enters the store and attempts to purchase a new recliner, but an old woman sits in the chair and a store attendant explains that it is an automatic recliner. Bean, determined to purchase the recliner for himself, unplugs the chair to make it not work for her, but the attendant sees the problem and plugs it back in. While the woman sleeps in the chair, Bean sneaks up behind the chair and opens up the controls, and messes with the wires and closes the controls. The old woman then presses the button again, and this time the recliner begins to crush the woman in between the back of the chair and the leg supports. Bean watches on as the chair sets her free and she falls backwards.

Act 3: Later Bean has bought several items including a chair, paint cans and an assortment of brushes and mops. After strapping the chair to the roof and squeezing everything else inside the car he realises there's no room left for himself. He then has an idea. Bean successfully constructs a way of remotely driving the car from the chair attached to the roof, and embarks on a daredevil driving expedition which goes incredibly well until he ends up on a steep decline and his only braking device is to run the car into a parked van filled with pillow feathers

Act 4: Bean decides to give his flat a makeover. He first realises that moving a table is impractical, as he can no longer put objects on it through the hole in the kitchen wall. Bean's solution - just move the hole. He then decides to paint his room white, using the head of Teddy as a paintbrush. He quickly tires of using this method as he ends up getting paint on things. Bean's solution - he covers everything in his room (including each individual grape in his fruit bowl) in newspaper and plants a super-firework in a can of white paint, ignites the firework, and runs out of the room. Bean returns to find his newly invented paint bomb worked; however while he was gone, Hubert returned to the flat for his hat he'd left the night before and got caught in the blast. Bean is shocked to find that there's a trail of white footprints leading out of his flat, and an image of Hubert reaching for his hat is frozen onto a section of wall as the only unpainted area.